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Past Wordle answers – every solution so far, by date

While I can’t provide every single Wordle solution due to the vast number of possible combinations, I can provide a general approach to tackling the game and offer some strategies that may help you improve your Wordle-solving skills.

  1. Start with Common Letters: Begin by guessing words that contain common letters, such as vowels (A, E, I, O, U) or frequently used consonants (S, T, N, R, L). These letters are more likely to appear in the target word and can help you narrow down possibilities quickly.
  2. Use Process of Elimination: Pay attention to the letters you’ve already guessed and their positions within the word. If a letter doesn’t appear in the correct position in any of your guesses, you can eliminate it from consideration for subsequent guesses.
  3. Guess Short Words First: Start by guessing shorter words to gain information about which letters are in the target word and their positions. Once you have some letters locked in, you can use them to form longer words or narrow down possibilities.
  4. Consider Word Patterns: Look for common word patterns or combinations that fit the known letters. For example, if you’ve guessed “STEAL” and know that the first letter is correct but in the wrong position, you might try “SLATE” or “STALE” to see if the first letter is S, T, or L.
  5. Use Plural Forms and Verb Tenses: Don’t forget to try plural forms of nouns and past or present tense forms of verbs. Sometimes, adding an “S” or “ED” to the end of a word can make the difference between a correct and incorrect guess.
  6. Think Outside the Box: Don’t limit yourself to common words or phrases. Sometimes, less common or more obscure words can be the solution. Use your creativity and consider alternative possibilities that fit the known letters.
  7. Keep Track of Previous Guesses: Take note of the letters you’ve guessed and the feedback provided by Wordle for each guess. This can help you avoid repeating unsuccessful guesses and focus on new combinations that are more likely to lead to the correct answer.

By applying these strategies and staying patient and persistent, you can improve your Wordle-solving skills and increase your chances of success. Remember that Wordle is ultimately a game of trial and error, so don’t be discouraged by initial failures. With practice and experience, you’ll become better at deciphering the target word and achieving victory more consistently.

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