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Alan Wake 2 gets new in-game footage

A new trailer for Alan Wake 2 has landed ahead of the October release, giving gamers a fresh look at what it will be like to play the game. This new footage focuses on the FBI agent Saga Anderson, who is investigating murders in Bright Falls. However, her investigation soon becomes a nightmare journey as she encounters pages of a horror story that come to life around her.

The trailer was unveiled during Gamescom Opening Night Live, with Remedy creative director Sam Lake introducing it. It features a mix of live-action footage and in-game cinematics, along with some gameplay that finally takes us to the Dark Place, which is where Alan Wake was trapped after his disappearance back in 2010.

This is where the dark force from his horror story brought his words to life and ultimately led to him getting stuck in this nightmarish dimension. It has been 13 years since Wake went missing and it looks as though he is still trying to fight off this darkness, writing stories in an attempt to shape reality and escape the Dark Place.

In this new footage, we get to see Saga Anderson investigate a murder in the small town of Bright Falls, which is surrounded by the majestic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. The case quickly turns into a nightmare journey for her after she discovers that the pages of a horror story are beginning to come true, perhaps written by a certain missing writer. The scene then moves to Cauldron Lake, where the murder happened, and it’s here that we see what the game’s flashlight mechanic will be like when in action. As with the original, the flashlight’s battery will deplete over time as you use it to illuminate dark areas and combat enemy creatures.

Both the gameplay and live-action scenes were rendered using Remedy’s own in-house engine, dubbed the Northlight engine. It was the same technology used to create the studio’s 2019 title Control, and it is sure to impress fans of the first game who will be able to experience this sequel for themselves. The trailer also featured a voiceover from Supergirl actor David Harewood, which was another pleasant surprise.

It is still a few months before Alan Wake 2 launches, but it’s clear that Remedy has taken some serious lessons from the first game and made this one better in every way. It will be available for PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on October 17 this year. For more information on the title, you can visit its official website.

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