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Ubisoft is making some changes to Ubisoft+, which will now be split into two tiers

Ubisoft, one of the leading video game publishers and developers globally, is embarking on a significant shift in its Ubisoft+ subscription service. The company has announced plans to split Ubisoft+ into two distinct tiers, marking a noteworthy change in how players can access and enjoy Ubisoft’s extensive library of games. Here’s an overview of these changes and their potential impact on the gaming community:

1. Introduction of Two Tiers:

  • Ubisoft+ has traditionally offered subscribers access to a vast catalog of Ubisoft games on a monthly subscription basis. With the new changes, the service will be divided into two tiers: Ubisoft+ Basic and Ubisoft+ Premium.

2. Ubisoft+ Basic:

  • Ubisoft+ Basic represents the entry-level tier of the subscription service. Subscribers to this tier will continue to enjoy access to a substantial selection of Ubisoft games, including both new releases and a library of classic titles.
  • This tier is expected to be more affordable, making it an attractive option for gamers who want to explore Ubisoft’s game offerings without committing to a premium subscription.

3. Ubisoft+ Premium:

  • Ubisoft+ Premium is the higher-tier subscription option. Subscribers at this level will enjoy the same benefits as Ubisoft+ Basic but with additional advantages.
  • One of the key features of the Premium tier is access to new Ubisoft games on the day of their release. This means that Premium subscribers can experience highly anticipated titles immediately upon launch.
  • The Premium tier is likely to come at a higher price point, reflecting the premium benefits it offers.

4. Diversified Gaming Experience:

  • The introduction of two tiers allows players to tailor their Ubisoft+ experience to their preferences and budget. Players who prioritize access to new releases may opt for the Premium tier, while others looking for a more extensive game library may choose the Basic tier.

5. Adaptation to the Market:

  • The gaming industry has seen a surge in subscription-based services, and Ubisoft’s decision to refine its offering reflects the company’s adaptation to evolving market trends and player expectations.
  • By providing tiered options, Ubisoft can cater to a broader audience, potentially attracting more players to its ecosystem.

6. Competition in the Subscription Space:

  • Ubisoft is not alone in offering subscription services. Other major players, including Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, also provide access to a variety of games via subscription.
  • The introduction of two tiers may allow Ubisoft to better compete with these services and differentiate itself in the subscription gaming landscape.

7. Enhanced Value Proposition:

  • The Premium tier, with its promise of day-one access to new Ubisoft titles, offers a compelling value proposition for players who want to stay at the forefront of gaming experiences.
  • Basic subscribers, on the other hand, benefit from a more budget-friendly option that still provides access to a diverse game library.

Ubisoft’s decision to split Ubisoft+ into two tiers represents a strategic move to meet the diverse needs and preferences of gamers while staying competitive in the evolving gaming industry. These changes aim to provide players with more choice and flexibility in how they access Ubisoft’s extensive portfolio of games, enhancing the overall Ubisoft+ experience for subscribers.

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