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New Windows 11 update is out – here are 3 new features I love and one I hate

Microsoft just released their newest windows 11 operating system, and i got to try out the update. It has lots of great features that make work and play easier and more enjoyable for users like me.

After a few days of testing out the new software, here are three of my favorite features and one i’m not so thrilled about. The first feature i love from this update is the improved stability within the operating system.

The updates to windows 10 were a bit buggy in many cases, causing some programs to crash or certain user actions to crash the entire computer. Windows 11 seems to have addressed those issues pretty well — it runs smoother with fewer crashes overall.

The second feature that i like is the introduction of several ai-powered assistants that can help users better manage their tasks on a day-to-day basis. For example, one assistant helps you ghostwrite emails while another can answer customer service inquiries without you having to actually type them yourself.

They even offer natural language processing support, so they understand what users are saying better than any previous version of windows operating system ever could before! The last new feature that really caught my eye is their new search tool, which works much faster than before!

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