Attendance is Key


The BHS Attendance Car is parked in front of the North Building.

Attendance is the key to winning this free car. All you have to do is show up to school. Thanks to the generosity of McLarty Daniel, there is a 2016 Nissan Versa up for grabs this year simply for coming to school. Last year BHS had the attendance rate of 92.4 percent, this year the faculty and staff want it to go up.

“It’s cool that they are doing something like this to try to get people to come, I would probably never win, but to those who come everyday they definitely need a reward,” Freshman Ashlynn McCarthy said.

With the new, stricter, attendance policy this school year, there are more reasons for students to come to school every day. In order to be put into the raffle, students need to have perfect attendance for each grading period of this school year.

As flu season approaches, some students are worried that they will not be able to be a part of the contest. Many students believe that by coming to school sick in order to avoid missing days can cause their illnesses to spread to other people.

“People get sick, and because of this people are going to come to school and get others sick. I’m not much into the whole idea of winning a car for being here everyday, maybe for good grades or something like that,” Sophomore Luigi Cutolo said.

Although it is a well-liked idea, it does not apply to the whole student population. Most freshmen in the school are not yet old enough to drive themselves to school, so they find that the contest does not apply to them; the same goes for students with cars already. There are concerns that the student who wins will have no need for the car.

“Well I don’t miss school that much, but I find this kind of unfair at times. Maybe if it was for seniors and juniors only, since we have our license and can actually drive, it would be fair,” Senior Alexis Albers said.

While there are concerns up in the air, most BHS students are ecstatic about the idea of being able to win a car for coming to school. Make sure you are here every day, and you may have a chance to win a brand new car for free. Each student can earn up to 27 total entries through the year and the winner will be announced in May of 2017. Good luck!

The cheer team and band gathered around the car for the grand reveal of the car during seminar.
The cheer team and band gathered around the car for the grand reveal of the car during seminar.