October: Domestic Abuse Awareness

Emily Richardson

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October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States. Recently, the media has become less aware of the domestic violence issue and the relevance it has. In just the United States alone, over 4,000 women have died from domestic violence this last year. The Domestic Abuse Shelter claims that at least three women die per day from the issue.

“That’s kind of messed up. That stuff needs to end. That’s a really high number. I can’t believe that it’s that high,” Sophomore Grant Hines said.

The Domestic Abuse Shelter states that most domestic violence murders are caused by former and current partners. One in four women and one in seven men are victims of domestic abuse. Although, over the past two decades, domestic violence toward women has decreased over three quarters.

“It’s interesting. I didn’t know that and it’s kind of crazy. That’s really sad,” Freshman Brooke Nebel said.

On average, twenty people per minute are abused by an intimate partner. Around fifteen percent of all crime is domestic violence related. Nineteen percent of violence between an intimate partner involves a gun. One of the most shocking statistics is that women do not seek medical attention when hurt by a partner. Only thirty-four percent of those women will actually go to a hospital for treatment.

“I think that’s terrible and something should be done about that but most people today will just accept that as a fact of life and leave it as is. Nobody this day in age is willing to change because they are scared of it,” Senior Jayden Woodrow said.

In most common cases, intimate partners who are victims of violence have children who are witnesses. One in every fifteen children are involved or exposed to relationships of domestic violence and ninety percent of the children actually witnesses this. As well as the victim, the child can experience depression and other illnesses from an unhealthy home-life.

“I think that women should leave their husbands and partners if they are being abused and not let their children be exposed to that. If a woman is being sexually abused or hurt by their husband then they need to just leave,” Junior Victoria Nieto said.

The awareness of domestic violence in the United States has declined. October is an important month for organizations, such as The Domestic Violence Shelter, to raise awareness for this issue. Some experts predict an increase in intimate violence these next few years,  based on the statistics of 2013-2015. The Domestic Violence Shelter is looking for new ways to provide quality safety for victims.

In Northwest Arkansas, the NWA Women’s Shelter offers a free emergency facility for women who are victims of domestic violence. They provide food, clothing, and 24 hour crisis phone lines and service. There are several locations in our area affiliated with the NWA Women’s Shelter. They also provide court advocacy, Spanish bilingual services, child advocacy, education, support groups, and counseling. This organization also has a volunteer program open to anyone. Visit their website at http://nwaws.org/ for more information.





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October: Domestic Abuse Awareness