Woodhouse Oscar Picks 2019: Who Should/Will Win

Nick Woodhouse, Junior Analyst

Who Will/SHOULD WIN AT THE 91st Academy Awards


With the Oscars arriving Sunday, it is time for my annual Oscars picks. Last year I was 7/8 on my picks, curse you Guillermo Del Toro. This year I am switching it up a bit. Not only will I do my official pick, but I will proceed said pick with my Who should win category. So far I have been fortunate to see 6 of the 8 wonderfully made movies this year and plan to see BlackkKlansman and Roma later this week. It was another great year for movies and here is who I think deserves to come out on top.


Best Actor in a Supporting Role


Who should win: Mahershala Ali (Green Book)


Ever since I saw it after Christmas, Green Book has been a winner in my book (ha, ya get it). I love Mahershala Ali. The guy is just a hell of an actor, that is the only way to describe it. Mahershala manages to display a down to earth musical genius in Dr. Shirley, yet at times in the movie steals the scene. The scene in the jail cell towards the middle of the film is one that stuck with me and provides evidence to a possible win here for Mahershala. Another factor is Dr. Shirley is a real dynamic character and the audience easily gets a sense of how he changes throughout the film. This would be the second Oscar win for Mahershala Ali–his first coming for his work in Moonlight 2 years ago for the same category.


Who will win: Mahershala Ali (Green Book)


I think this one is no-brainer in my opinion. Mahershala Ali has taken home the trophy at roughly every event this awards season. His win at the SAGs, Golden Globes, and Critics Choice pretty much cement him as the odds on favorite to win the Academy Award. If Ali fails to take it home, I could see either Richard E. Grant or Sam Elliot swiping for their performances in Can You Ever Forgive Me and A Star Is Born respectively, but I doubt it. This one is going to Mahershala.


Best Actress in a Supporting Role


Who should win: Rachel Weisz (The Favourite)


Here is the deal: I do not think this is going to happen but she deserves it. This performance really stood out to me, and I thought it really overshadowed Emma Stone. I loved The Favourite and it is clearly a performance led movie. Olivia Colman is fantastic, but Rachel Weisz delivers an award winning performance out of nowhere. I think her win at the BAFTAs really propels her into contention but I do not think there is enough steam to get her the win, or for me to risk picking her. All in all, would love for Weisz to win this one but I do not like her odds, especially with the possibility of Emma Stone and her splitting votes.


Who Will Win: Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk)


This one was tough. Supporting actress has really become the most competitive award at these Oscars. I wanted to pick Amy Adams for her performance as Lynne Cheney in Vice but I simply cannot. It is amazing how Adams has never been able to take home an Oscar but I just don’t think the Academy is going give out the lifetime achievement award to her here. She will get it eventually, but once again… this isn’t the year. Instead, Regina King will claim the award. King has had an up and down award season; from winning the Globe to not even being nominated at the BAFTAs… she is a risky pick. I think the Academy has to give something to If Beale Street Could Talk after snubbing the film of a Best Picture nomination. It’s a risky pick but King is the best bet to win this year.


Best Actor in a Lead Role


Who should win: Bradley Cooper (A Star is Born)


I had to think about this one for a while. Once again, it is not my pick but Bradley Cooper is who SHOULD win at the Oscars. If you thought his directing job was good, his acting was next level. Lady Gaga can sing, but he proved who the actor is in this film. He surprised the heck out of me to say the least. It just doesn’t seem like your typical Bradley Cooper role in Jackson Maine, but he makes it his. His character this year is the one where I sat in theaters thinking I dont know of anyone else who I would rather have played this role. He was brilliant. I do not think the Academy Award will go to him, but it’s definitely his best chance since American Sniper in 2015.


Who will win: Christian Bale (Vice)


Both Vice and Bohemian Rhapsody weren’t the strongest movies this year, but I have to give the edge to Bale. Not only was his portrayal of Dick Cheney so visibly impressive, but vocally he managed to changed his speaking patterns to adapt to the character. Conversely, the same can be said for Rami Malek for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury. The race between these two gentlemen is the hardest one to pick between at the moment. I think the political climate of the time helps Bale a lot here. I am giving him his second Oscar here, but do not be shocked if it goes to Malek.


Best Actress in a Lead Role


Who should win: Olivia Colman (The Favourite)


This is just a no doubter to me. Olivia Colman playing Queen Anne comes out of the left field with one of the most mind-boggling efforts of the year. She is crazy, funny, delusional, and downright mad at several times of this movie. She pretty much plays a dying person as well as anyone has ever played a dying person. I mean this was out of nowhere. She is not a widely known actress, but her taking home the Academy Award would change that quickly. Being in The Lobster and now The Favourite, Colman and director Yorgos Lanthimos have seemed to form a nice bond. Really hope she steals this one after her big win at the BAFTAs.


Who will win: Glenn Close (The Wife)


Here is your lifetime achievement award of the night. Simply put, Glenn Close has never won an Oscar. She is seventy one years old and has been acting for over half a century. She delivers an impressive performance in The Wife that has been for the most part uncontested at the major award shows. I am confident on this one–she takes it.


Best Director


Who should win: Alfonso Cuaron (Roma)


I think the Oscars are gonna stick to the trend here. Simply put, Cuaron hasn’t lost anywhere so I doubt he loses on the 24th. This has been his passion project, a beautiful shot black and white classic-looking film set in his home country of Mexico. For a foreign film to perform this well has been pretty impressive. Not only did it take home the Golden Globe, but it captured the SAG and Critics Choice Award for best movie. Fun Fact: This would also be the second straight spanish director to take the award.


Who will win: Alfonso Cuaron (Roma)


It is gonna happen.


Best Picture


Who should win: The Favourite


Wooh! YES!!! Here is the deal: This movie doesn’t get enough credit. Not only is the movie wonderfully shot, the performances are superior to any I have seen this year. On top of that, the script is crazy and meticulous, the set design is one of the best I have ever seen, and the costumes are truly second to none. I think people dock this movie because of the shear craziness of the plot, but it sort of mesmerized me. It is funny, radical, absurd, and scandalous. Whether it gets the award or not, I think The Favourite will fall as one of the better movies of the decade as time goes on.


Who will win: Roma


I just don’t see a future where Roma doesn’t win the granddaddy of them all. It is just so obvious that the Academy truly loves this movie. Not only do they give Yalitza Aparicio a nomination for Lead Actress which was a little unexpected, but then follows it up by gifting Marina de Tavira a nomination for her supporting role which was literally seen at no other award shows. Completely out of left field. As you can tell by the whopping ten nominations, the Academy love this movie and I think it is a no doubter this year.


Rapid Fire (Picks Only)


Adapted screenplay: BlackkKlansman


-Spike Lee will get on the board!


Original Screenplay: Green Book


-I was really impressed with this screenplay. It managed to mix a comedic dialogue with a story containing an important message. It was well done and I think this will win over The Favourite mostly because Green Book will fail to win many of the large awards.


Best Animated Feature Film: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


-I saw Incredibles 2 which is the only other contender to win here… was not too impressed. I think Spider-man takes this one as it had a surprising November campaign.


Best Original Song: Shallow (A Star is Born)


If this movie originated song is winning at the Grammys… I am pretty confident it is winning at the Oscars.


Best Makeup and Hair-styling: Vice


Have you seen Christian Bale… wait… you have not because you cannot even tell it is Christian Bale… only win for Vice probably.


Best Production Design: The Favourite


I think they rented out a Victorian English castle…