Why “The Favourite” Will Win Best Picture

Nick Woodhouse, Junior Analyst

After the 2015 release of dystopian drama “The Lobster”, Yorgos Lanthimos returns in epic fashion with “The Favourite”. This movie was insane *roll the commentary*

If you read the online introduction to this movie you won’t think anything of it. A classic story of British royalty leading to a controversial shift in power, but ordinary it is not. The Oscars are no stranger to movies regarding the British crown, “The King’s Speech” won in 2011 for its portrayal of King George VI. Set in early 18th century England, The Favourite follows the final years of Queen Anne’s (Olivia Colman) reign as she has grown ill. Sarah (Rachel Weisz), or lady Marlboro, serves as the direct aid and dearest friend of the Queen. Lady Marlboro assumes the Queen’s governing duty while she lays ill. Lastly, there’s Abigail (Emma Stone), a new maid coming from a once aristocratic background. Shortly after her arrival, the Queen grows fond of Abigail. Seeing a path back to nobility, Abigail lobbies for the Queen’s favorite much to lord Marlboro’s disapproval. Without giving anything away, the battle between them is unforgettable.

To say it frankly, director Yorgos Lanthimos is a freak. Like not in a good or bad way, but his plots are crazy. Lanthimos has this way of making a generic plot stand out masterfully in a two hour time frame. The Greek shot-caller has become one of the best in the industry at plot and character development. His work in this stunner has paid off as he earned an Oscars nomination for Best Director Tuesday morning. As a whole, this movie is just truly exceptional. The amalgamation of performances, set design, score, costumes/makeup, script, and cinematography falls on the director. Lanthimos has delivered the best yet in his promising career as a director.

To be honest, the cinematography has to I have ever seen. The camera work is just dexterous. From beginning to end, every shot in this movie is beautiful. Along with just masterful camera work, I think the set design and greenery is another big reason for the overall magnificent look of this movie. I mean there’s a brilliant close up scene of ducks racing in a circle. DUCKS RACING, and it’s AMAZING. Parts of this movie just leave you speechless in that the subject matter is so incredibly strange but skillfully executed.

I think the average moviegoer is gonna come out of this movie thinking: What did I just watch for two hours? Because the plot is just so strange and quirky. Critics love this film, and it is easy to see why. Lanthimos delivers an ending that just leaves you there puzzled. This film is gonna leave some enthralled, and some stunned, but critics are gonna appreciate Lanthimos work for what is… a masterpiece. It’s my pick for Best Picture at the 91st Academy Awards.
“Not sure what I expected. Not sure what I thought.” recent viewer Sherri Esarte said.

Grade: A