Lane Bryant Shooting

Megan Huff

On August 25th, 2018, at War Memorial Stadium during a game between Benton and Bryant high school there was a supposed gun shot. Perhaps a fight broke out which caused some barriers to fall down and cause a loud bang, which led to a mass panic. It was during the third quarter which came to an end when the loud sounds erupted, causing a panic of a crowd of 38,000 people to flee the stadium. The police reports there were no shots fired, but there were a few minor injuries when everyone was fleeing out of the stadium. There was a taser used which may have prompted concerns in the crowd that there was a firearm.


Little Rock Police Officer Steve Moore said a small fight escalated during the game in the third quarter around 9:00 PM and barricades fell, and they sounded like shots were fired. One of the people in the fight may have also used a taser which could have sounded like a fire arm. Videos that have been posted on social media shows a security personnel yelling either ¨he has a gun¨ or ¨shots have been fired¨ which caused the panic of people running out of the stadium in a hurry. Law enforcement determined there were no shots ever fired and there was no victim. Police said the 911 Communications Center started flooding with calls from people who believed there was a shooting at the stadium.


“We have emergency procedures in place where we like to funnel people out. Unfortunately this was a situation where people were finding their own way which is how barricades knocked over,” a Benton Police Officer said.


Due to the fact that many fans left the stands, both Bentonville and Bryant school officials decided to cancel the game. A bit after the game cancelled, stadium officials helped reunite families separated during the evacuation process. According to reporter Chanley Painter, one female was arrested Saturday night for disorderly conduct in connection with the fight that happened during the game at the War Memorial Stadium. While those entering the stadium were bag checked and went through security, somehow officials never saw the stun gun.  Two people were also taking out on stretchers but they were never shot, they were most likely either trampled, in the fight or just passed out.