Great Mills High School Shooting in Maryland

Courtney Kendle, Writer

On March 20th at 7:57 am, 17 year old Wyatt Rollins opened fire on Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, fatally shooting two students, killing one and injuring another. The school was placed on lockdown after the gunman walked into the hallway and shot his fellow classmates, 16 year old Jaelynn Willey and a 14 year old student around 8 am.


According to released information by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff Office, Rollins parked his car at 7:50 am and walked through the school’s main entrance two minutes later.


As the situation escalated, parents were told to stay away and meet at Leonardtown High School where nearly 1,400 students were evacuated to.


“I have seen a lot of horrible things being said about that kid. I just think it was a very bad decision-making. It’s really hard to even speak on it… He’s not a bad kid, and he doesn’t come from a bad home,” Latoya Mason said, a parent of one of the students who attends the school.


Minutes after shooting two of his classmates, Rollins was confronted by school resource officer, Deputy First Class Blaine Gaskill, before shooting himself. Rollins died later that morning from the self inflicted wound at University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center in La Plata.


“These politicians must get it together now. Save our schools. Save us as younger members,” former student Newell Rand stated in an interview.


Police investigators ruled that the tragedy wasn’t a random act of violence, and that Rollins had a previous relationship with Willey. Willey passed away two days later at 11:34 pm after being taken off of life support. The investigation is still ongoing, and Willey’s funeral was held on Friday morning, March 30th at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department in Hollywood.