The Voices of the Walkout

Rebecca Johnson, Editor

On March 14th a Nation wide student walkout occurred. Many students at BHS participated in the walkout for 17 minutes of silence in support of the Parkland victims families exactly a month after the Florida shooting. The protest started at 9:30 a.m. with students lined up on J Street and the 17 minutes of silence started at 10. Students ended the protest at 10:30, although, some students stayed outside all day. Students brought signs, made speeches, and chanted together. Despite being given one detention for attending this event a large number of students attended. Some citizens joined in protests and others honked in support as they drove by. Protests for change in school safety were present, but overall this was to support the Parkland community. The #NeverAgain appeared all over social media to spread the desire for change across the country.



“I’m passionate about BHS Students for Safer Schools, because it’s a universal call for a more secure educational environment. Everyone can get behind children. We only want to graduate and attend school without fear, with peace,” Senior Sabrina Mahmoodi, an organizer of the walkout, said.

“This could happen in any school and if we don’t speak out we won’t be heard. We need to stand up,” Senior Erife Adelusimo, an organizer of the walkout, said.

“This walkout shows that even though most of us can’t vote, as a collective community we can still make a difference,”Junior Beth Francis said.

“The people who died were our age. They all have the same likes, dislikes, personalities…they were our peers. The purpose of the walkout is to remember them and also urge our government to act,” Senior Andrew Van Slooten, an organizer of the walkout, said.

“We are walking to support change in the safety of schools and to show support for the 17 people that lost their lives. Students leading the protest are taking action and writing letters to senators and encouraging others to do so. We aren’t too naïve to know that we don’t feel safe in our school and that is why we want change,” Senior Rebecca Johnson said.