Lady Bird: Gerwhig Shines In Debut, But Storyline Needs Work


Laurie Metcalf (Above) portraying Lady Bird’s mother, Merion McPherson

Nick Woodhouse, Writer

The BIG story when it comes to Lady Bird is the work done by Greta Gerwhig. In her filmmaking debut, Gerwhig was able to baffle many with a creative script and beautiful camera work. Lady Bird is about a teenage girl named Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson, a name she has independently given to herself– and her trials and tribulations. The film takes place in Sacramento, California where Lady Bird attends a Catholic High School. The film covers Lady Bird’s desires to go to college in New York City, but how her family doesn’t have the financial ability to send her there.

This film consists of an immaculate performance from Laurie Metcalf who stars as Merion McPherson (Lady Bird’s mother), whom works tirelessly at a local hospital in order to provide for the family. It’s great to see her get credit for this display of acting as she was recently nominated for a Golden Globe, very well deserved. To be completely honest, I am not a massive fan of the performance by Saorsie Ronan (Lady Bird), I mean it just wasn’t a delivery that moved me. Lastly, this movie has some great moments, but I felt those were very short-lived at times. Being of the opposite gender, I think it’s also relatively difficult for me to relate to this film, however, it made me the person to review it. Overall, I commend Gerwhig’s effort in making this piece, but it just wasn’t a movie that made me leave wanting more.

Grade: C+