Dunkirk: Only Nolan Can Make An Evacuation Movie Great


Nick Woodhouse, Writer

Christopher Nolan, my all time favorite director, hit big here once again with his World War 2 thriller “Dunkirk”. This motion picture centers on the British evacuation of Dunkirk, France. Trapped by the Germans, the British army of nearly 400,000 soldiers seemed left for dead on the beaches of Dunkirk. Through air defense and Churchill’s executive order, in which civilian boats were used to cross the English Channel the English forces were saved from what seemed to be inevitable doom.

In typical Nolan fashion, he makes the viewer figure out the film by separating land, sea, and air into different amounts of time. Land is one week, sea is one day, and in the air is one hour. The air scenes are what make this movie absolutely incredible. Following Tom Hardy in the cockpit, the dogfighting scenes in Dunkirk are absolutely mind-blowing, some of the best war scene you’ll see in 65mm shot. Although Nolan’s beautiful work is not what makes this movie a top contender for Best Picture at the 2018 Oscars.

What a cast! Wait why aren’t they speaking?. Why this movie stands out from any other ordinary war film is the lack of dialogue. In reality, war isn’t some place where characters can sit around the campfire and talk about back home, NO, this is actual war. Nolan’s idea for Dunkirk was to not let you get connected to any single character, or not to have one stick out more than any other. This is because in reality everyone is treated as equals when it comes to war, its all a united military. Dunkirk will receive absolutely zero nominations for acting but thats the point. Theres no Academy Award winning scenes when it comes to war, its about your survival, and helping the man next to you.

You simply couldn’t script a better ending for this film as it dives into your thoughts and keeps you still in your seats. This is one of the movies that Nolan’s career has led up to, not a another Science Fiction classic, but a non-fictional piece. This is one of the all time greatest war films, and Nolan should finally get his long-awaited Oscar.

Grade: A