Darkest Hour: Oldman Immaculate Portrayal of Churchill


Gary Oldham (Above) as Winston Churchill

Nick Woodhouse, Writer

Joe Wright’s “Darkest Hour” depicts England during World War 2. As the British army is being surrounded on the beaches of Northern France, Neville Chamberlain steps down as Prime Minister of England. An immediate search for a fit wartime ruler came about, and Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) answers the call.  The film goes through Churchill’s challenges with influencing the British Parliament, yet also what to do the British fleet. With the initiation and success of Operation Dynamo, Churchill quickly stamps himself as one the best wartime rulers of the modern era.


By far, the greatest part of this movie is the performance given by Gary Oldman. The esteemed english actor puts together one of the greatest performances of his career in this film. The makeup/costuming associated with the character of Winston Churchill were also impressive, but the way Oldman adapts himself into this role is memorable. His work as Winston is definitely the main thing you take from this movie.


Putting aside the performance by Oldman, the movie itself I would say is just alright. The main issue for me is too significance of the plot. The story never really draws you in, never really reaches a climax, and never really reaches an incredibly interesting scene. I think its more of the performances/script that make this movie rather than the story itself.

Overall, I would say the movie is a must-see only due to the great performances given. Gary Oldman does a masterful job in the film, and he’s getting his dues for it, already capturing a Golden Globe on his quest for an Oscar. Playing Churchill’s Wife Clementine, Kristin Scott Thomas also does an exceptional job in the movie. All in all, this one is the opposite of Dunkirk even though it’s similar topic, see it for the acting, not the flare.

Grade: B