The Mystery That Is: “Phantom Thread”


Daniel Day Lewis as “Reynolds Woodcock” in what supposedly could be his final role

Nick Woodhouse, Writer

The bond between Director Paul Thomas Anderson and the prestigious Actor Daniel Day-Lewis is one that continues to puzzle people. Here’s one of the greatest actors in our lifetimes constantly teaming up with the man who directed such movies as “Boogie Nights”. Although, after stealing audiences away with “There Will Be Blood”, the duo’s return to form was highly looked upon. Well.. did it live up to the hype..


Once again Daniel Day-Lewis does an absolutely remarkable job portraying famous dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock. Like most of Lewis’s performances his character becomes so real. Reynolds is a man who lives and breathes by a certain–per say– guideline, and never wants to stray away from schedule. Lewis is just wonderful in this role and deservedly will be in contention to set an Oscars record with 4 Best Actor wins. The Academy shocked everyone by nominating Leslie Manville for this movie and I can see why as i think her character provides a bright spot for this film. In terms of Paul Thomas Anderson, I think the movie is incredibly well shot. I would also give props to the score in this film and the stunning costumes.


Once again, the directing, especially cinematography is extremely good in this movie considering the major amounts of cuts the movie has. Personally, the movie is just a little slow, there are only about 2 scenes in this movie that I really feel to be genuinely Academy Award winning moments. The script itself is definitely out there, a very interest screenplay written by Anderson to say the least. Outside of a couple performances, the movie as a whole was just alright. I definitely do applaud the idea behind the film as I think it’s by far the most diverse of the movies reviewed so far.

In the end, I think this movie is definitely a must see because of the variety of opinions regarding it. Ive met several people who absolutely cannot stand it, and some people that truly adored the film. Lastly, Lewis has came out and said that this could be his last film ending an extraordinary career, if this truly is his last work, there’s no shame in this performance. The movie as a whole, I would say middle of the pack.

​Grade: B