Champs or Chumps

Evan Eccleston, Writer

The College Football Playoffs are approaching fast and the four teams battling are, in my opinion, the four best teams in the country. On January 1, the Clemson Tigers will battle Alabama Crimson Tide for the 3rd straight year in the playoffs. On the other side of the bracket, Georgia Bulldogs will take on the Oklahoma Sooners. This year’s playoffs had a lot of controversy with who should have been the fourth team get into the playoffs. Clemson, Georgia and Oklahoma, the top three teams, were for sure getting into the playoffs, the last slot was were a lot of the disagreement comes in. Ohio State beat the 5th best team in the country, the Wisconsin Badgers while the Tide did not play anyone. The Tide got the fourth spot and the Ohio State faithful was beyond mad.


Every year the playoff committee has to sacrifice one or two teams not getting into the playoffs, to guarantee getting the most qualified teams. I, personally, believe that the committee got this years teams spot on. I don’t think Ohio State is a better team than Alabama, because Ohio State got demolished by an Iowa team 55-24 and beat by Oklahoma 31-16. Ohio State finished the season with two losses while Alabama finished with one loss against Auburn. Ohio State beat an undefeated Wisconsin team in the conference championship, but it was not a quality win due to the badgers not playing a good team all year.


The  Oklahoma – Georgia game, to me, is going to be a battle between two teams that are polar opposites. The Bulldogs have a power defense that dominated nearly every team that came across its path. The Sooners bring in the best offense in the country led by Heisman Winner and Baker Mayfield. The Heisman trophy is awarded to the best player in the country and is the most prestigious award an individual player can receive.  The Bulldogs defense vs Sooners offense will be something to watch out for. This game will either be a high scoring shootout or a blowout in favor of the Sooners. Oklahoma wins 45-27.


The Clemson – Alabama game is going to be a defense vs defense battle. Both teams have one of the best defenses in the country. The Tide defense has taken some hits with many players injured, but the backup players, even though they have little experience, can fill in the gaps. The Tide offense has been slow during some games, but have shown up when needed and won 11 games. The Clemson defense will get the best of the Tide offense and because of that, Clemson won 38-24.


I could be totally wrong, but from what I’ve seen, from my research, this is the way I think the playoffs will go with Clemson battling Oklahoma in the National Championship on January 8th.


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