Disrupting the City

Madi Dryden, Writer

On Monday, December 11th, 2017 New York was disturbed by an unsuccessful suicide bomber who set off a homemade pipe bomb in New York’s subway.


The suicide bomber, Akayed Ullah, was located in Manhattan’s busiest subway corridor when he enacted terror. At first Ullah was thought to be the only one who got injured during the explosion but later after the smoke had cleared three bystanders were found to be injured along with Akayed Ullah. It was known that Ullah had pledged his allegiance to ISIS and based on the recent actions by Israel and the Palestinian territory of Gaza one would guess that those events led to this act of terror.


“I think it is crazy to think that a little over a month ago during thanksgiving break I was in that subway and everything was normal,” Junior Brandon Stastny said.


Akayed Ullah had moved to Brooklyn legally in 2011 while his wife had stayed back in Bangladesh. His wife had told news stations that she was not aware that Ullah would perform an act of terror while he lived in the U.S. She even said that the two of them had talked roughly 30 minutes before he detonated his pipe bomb with Ullah still keeping his plans a secret to her and leaving her out of the loop of what he had planned.


“Since Ullah never told his wife about his bombing it’s harder to understand if it was a terrorist attack or suicide attempt. I still think that this was an unnecessary event that should not have happened,” Sophomore Grace Pennington said.


Overall this attack, whether it was meant to be more of a terror attack or a suicide bomber mission, it was still as devastating an event as any other attack of anysort. There were five people that we injured after the bomb partially detonated, the subway corridor itself was not affected after the explosion. However the bomb did only partially detonate so if there wasn’t any problems with the bomb the aftermath could have been a lot more devastating.


Akayed Ullah had later died after the nails and other things used to create the bomb had partially gone off. Since Ullah was the one that was the closest to the impact he was the only one to die after that attack. Officials later found the stuff that he had used to create the bomb in his apartment during the investigation.