It Gets Stranger.

Ainsley Heaton, Writer

Some Spoilers ahead. Don’t read if you have not finished ALL of Season 2.


Stranger Things season two came just before Halloween and has been attracting an even bigger audience than the first season. The new season is jam packed with throwbacks to the 80’s and further exploration into the upside down. Season two introduced a new enemy, new characters, and new problems.


Season One ended with the return of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) which brought the sense of peace back to Hawkins, but the departure of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) shocked the audience and left the group mourning her loss. At the beginning of season two, we see that Will is back with his family and friends while Eleven is isolated in a cabin deep in the woods. Being kept in isolation causes Eleven to lash out against Hopper (David Harbour),who is caring for her and keeping her hidden, and we see more emotion from her. Season two also gives us more information on Elevens background of being a test subject in the Hawkins Lab.  


The new characters include a new friend, a foe, and a brand new enemy. Each character brings an exciting dynamic to the show and has made the second season even more interesting. Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and Max (Sadie Sink) are the new siblings in town and have brought a new sense of mystery to the small town of Hawkins. Kali or “008” (Linnea Berthelsen) is another subject from the lab and has some special abilities of her own. The arrival of Kali shows that Eleven isn’t the only child alive that spent time in Hawkins Lab and there’s a possibility of meeting more of them in later seasons. Every 80’s geek loves The Goonies and Stranger Things went all out with new character Bob Newby (Sean Astin) who played the lead in the iconic 80’s film. Newby is an I.T. expert at the local Radioshack and has started dating Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder).


At the end of season one, Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) picks Steve Harrington (Joe Kerry) over Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) after the love triangle emerged when they battled the Demogorgon in season one. In season two, Nancy and Steve seem to be going strong, especially since Steve is starting to become more mature. When Nancy begins to mourn the loss of Barb (Shannon Purser), she begins to push Steve away and they ultimately break up. Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman) is a private investigator hired by Barbara’s parents to find out what happened to her. Nancy and Jonathan seek out Murray and their relationship takes a new turn while doing some investigating of their own.


Netflix released a sit-down style show titled “Beyond Stranger Things” that provides fans with some background information and secrets from the cast with The Duffer Brothers (writers and creators of the series) and Shawn Levy (producer). It is hosted by Jim Rash, the 7 episode series give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show, the actor’s experience with filming, revealing easter eggs, and backstories from the Duffers about character developments and plans for future seasons.


Stranger Things has been a hit since Netflix took a chance on the Duffer Brothers. Fans across the world have been obsessed with the 80’s sci-fi thriller and the cast and creators keep providing more content. Rumors say the seasons three, four, and five are confirmed for production and season three is planned to be released in 2019. Stranger Things season one and two, as well as Beyond Stranger Things, are all available to stream on Netflix.