The Future of iPhones


Gracie Ray, Writer

This September and November, Apple released the iPhone 8, 8 plus, and the iPhone X. The iPhone X is said to be the “leading future of iPhones” so Apple users especially take interest in the subject of what Apple has planned for the future. For the first time, they are using the face recognition rather than the fingerprint in their 10th anniversary, iPhone X.

“I’m loving the iPhone X because of the new big screen and the portrait mode on the camera,” Sophomore Chloe Tener.

The iPhone X is very different than the normal Apple look because of the new edge-to-edge screen, face recognition, and the absence of the home button. The lack of the home button is what is making some people rethink their choice of choosing the iPhone X over the iPhone 8/8 plus. They have some of the same functionality, but there are some major upgrades in the iPhone X.

“I have used both the 8 plus and the X, and you can just tell the X is more upgraded and advanced because of the controls they have added and its speed,” Sophomore Alicia Acquistapace.

Similarities between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X are that they both have the same all glass back, same available capacities (64GB and 256GB), the new True Tone display, and resistance to water and dust. The iPhone 8 doesn’t have most of the new upgrades, if you have used the iPhone 7 or 7 plus, it’s quite similar.

“I don’t like using the iPhone 8 because it is too small and there’s just no upgrade or difference. I was very disappointed in this phone,” Sophomore Emmalee Evans.

Overall the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X are very similar. They both have the new portrait mode camera as well. You will not see a lot of difference other than the look. It really matters in what feels most comfortable in your hand. The actual iPhone 8 plus is bigger, but the screen on the iPhone X is 0.3 inches bigger.

“You will definitely notice the screen difference because Apple just came out with the new edge-to-edge screen, and that’s obviously very different than your normal iPhone you’re used to seeing,” Sophomore Heidi Baum.

Getting a new iPhone is expensive, so the best thing to do is go in the store and try them all out for yourself. Everyone has their own opinion and preference, and there are many different phones to choose from that will fulfill your needs as a smart phone user.