Skylight Cinema Exceeds Expectations

Rebecca Johnson, Editor

We’ve heard all the talk and seen the construction happening on the square.  Yes, it’s really happening, Bentonville is getting its own movie theater.  The construction started last June and the theater just had its grand opening. The Skylight Cinema had its first screenings on Thursday November 9th at 6:15. The theater is extravagant with a bar and kitchen accommodating their two large theaters and four small theaters.


Since the annual Bentonville Film Festival brings multiple stars down to our little town with one of the founders being Geena Davis. Bentonville needs to have a movie theater to add to this growing festival. The host town of a film festival should have a movie theater right? Absolutely and residents of the Bentonville area are excited to experience the classy new cinema.


“I think now that it is open there will be a lot more publicity to the Bentonville Film Festival with bringing in more celebrities,” Sophomore Adam Kerr.


The most shocking feature to this theater is that viewers are allowed to eat a meal while enjoying a movie. A meal. The cinema is equipped with a wait staff that comes in to see if you’re dining during the show. They take your order and bring your food straight to you while you relax in your cushioned recliner seat. You can enjoy a meal anytime from 5 to close on weekdays and noon to close on weekends. The point is for the viewers to enjoy a meal without the going back and forth from concessions that distracts from the movie.


“I think it’s really unique with the recliners and servers bringing you food. It’s definitely the best theater around. If there’s anyone coming through town they should definitely come see a movie,” Senior Ben Inmon, a new employee at the Skylight Cinema, said.  


With all the elegant accessories the theater has, like the restaurant and bar called The Cutting Room,  it should be interesting to see how it competes with the two Malco theaters in Rogers and Bella Vista’s Sugar Creek Theater. These three theaters have been around a long time. The Malco Town Cinema is adding reclining seats and a fresh coat of paint to aid their theaters appearance and experience. The Sugar Creek Theater was recently bought by American Movie Classics(AMC) and will be adding recliners and new features to their theater as well.


“The Skylight Cinema adds a new kind of class when going to the movies. Their excellent service and quality will add great competition to the local Malco theaters. Although their theaters are smaller, the quality exceeds expectation,” Senior Kyle Martin, a current Malco employee, said.


Overall the opening of Bentonville’s very own cinema went smoothly. Many people have already attended screenings where they could sit and indulge in their movie and food cravings. You could drive by and see that the cinema was packed over this Thanksgiving break!