BHS Hotline Bling?


Gracie Ray, Writer

Bentonville High School has recently partnered with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to support its If you See Something, Say Something efforts. BHS students are now able to use a confidential tip line to report any possible danger or concerns regarding the Bentonville Schools.

“I love the idea because people can prevent bad things from getting worse.” Sophomore Ben Pankau said.

You can use the confidential tip line to pass on any the information if you do not feel comfortable talking to any of the Bentonville High School staff. It is a great way to prevent students from making bad choices and possibly getting harmed.

“Since it is confidential, that could be bad because of students making false reports. But I can also see how confidentiality can have a positive outcome.” Sophomore Will Malec said.

Many students have had concerns about the hotline because they feel it will be used as a joke. Students may report false information, or just prank call. It is confidential also, so a student might be more daring.

“I definitely think there is no way around the prank calls with or without the confidential aspect.” Sophomore Trenton Kolb said.

Even though there’s a risk of false reports, the system was made for the good of Bentonville High Students. Statistics show that 81% of 12th graders say that it is easy to get marijuana, which is a problem that the school needs to get a grip on. The administrators know that dangerous things go on in some of our students’ lives and are too scared to speak up.

“Every high school experiences students drinking or smoking, so maybe since we have a snitch line, we can have a lower amount of that.” Sophomore Heidi Baum said.

The purpose of the tip line is for students who don’t want fellow students to get mad at them for reporting anything, to feel safe in their efforts to prevent danger. The line is completely confidential which is a good thing for students who report to feel safe, but some really disagree. Administrators just hope the Bentonville High School Students make wise choices and also don’t feel guilty for trying to make sure others make wise choices too.