Mr. Worldwide


Jackie Sabatini, Writer

On November 14th, President Trump returned from his 12 day long trip around Asia. He visited Japan, South Korea, China, and the Philippines. While visiting, he attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and Association of Southeast Asian Nations meetings.


“I love how he travelled to go to these meetings. I think it is important that he keeps good ties with trading nations, such as China,” Junior Hunter Field said.


Trump deemed his visit “tremendously successful” and hinted at an announcement, thought to be made later in the week, about how he plans to reform our current tax code and how we trade with foreign nations.While there, he agreed on $300 billion worth in deals and expects this number to at least triple in a short amount of time. He also made a positive note about Vietnam, stating they plan to buy $12 billion worth of Boeing aircraft, an American aircraft company. This large purchase will create a bigger demand, which will lead to more jobs within the company.   On his way home, he told the reporters travelling with him that the nations we trade with are going to treat us differently from now on. He also said that from now on all foreign trade will be fair and mutually beneficial.

“I feel like he is just trying to prove to the public that he is able to handle foreign affairs to try to increase his approval rating,” Senior Kayla Spear said.


Trump claimed to now be good friends with President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. Duterte is known for his crackdown on the illegal drug trade in his country, killing thousands of people in the process and earning “the condemnation of human rights groups”. When asked about his thoughts on the Filipino president, Trump only commented on their new friendship and failed to mention Duterte’s past actions.


“He had no concern about what is actually going on over there. He talked to the president of the Philippines like they are friends, even calling him by his first name, without ever mentioning the nearly 14,000 people he has executed in the current drug war. It is a distraction,” Senior Jaci Pease said.


Earlier this week North Korean President Kim Jong-un called Trump a “lunatic old man” and and said he was “begging for a nuclear war”. Trump later tweeted “Why would Kim Jong-un insult me by calling me ‘old,’ when I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat?’ Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend – and maybe someday that will happen!” Due to the childish dialect and multiple grammatical mistakes, this tweet has raised concerns about both the tension between the United States and Korea and Trump’s ability to be a stable, sane president who does not act like a fourth grader.

“I believe Trump’s tweets will be viewed as a threat to Kim Jong-un and lead to even more tension between the US and North Korea. He should think about what he is going to say before putting it on the Internet for everyone to see,” Senior Nataly Loera said.


While Trump has labeled his trip a success, many citizens have expressed concerns about it doing more harm than good. He may have told other countries that all trade from now on will be fair, but he also threatened the North Korean dictator, who possesses nuclear weapons and could easily launch them.