A Movie That Craves Your Attention

A Movie That Craves Your Attention

Madi Dryden, Writer

Netflix has began releasing more originals and becoming a more mainstream place for people to go and watch movies. One of their recent movies To the Bone came out on January 22, 2017, but was not popular until this summer. This realistic-fiction documentary has a great message that informs the watchers and/or viewers more on the disorder of anorexia nervosa that the main character deals with on a daily basis.


The main character Ellen, a 20 year-old girl with anorexia nervosa who is played by Lily Collins, was put in a group home where she met her soon to be friend Luke, played by Alex Sharp, who has been a part of the home for 6 months already. The group home was not like others she had been and the patients had similar conditions to hers. The tough battle is accompanied by an unusual doctor who has unique techniques to change things.


“I thought it was a really good movie and shed a lot of light on eating disorders and having to live with it everyday.” Sophomore Ainsley Heaton said.


Actress Lily Collins did an amazing job with her role as Ellen. Keanu Reeves, who plays the doctor of the groups household, had a difficult role considering acting as a doctor of mental health patients might not be the easiest to portray. However Reeves’ acting throughout the movie made you feel as if he had actually been around patients with anorexia nervosa and Lily Collins plays Ellen as if you are watching a real documentary. When the two actors interact with one another it’s so realistic and amazing.


“I think Lily Collins was good for the role because she’s been effected first hand by the disease,” Sophomore Grace Pennington said.


Some things about the movie that I liked and found interesting were the way Ellen’s family members acted anytime they would talk about her problem or disorder. Most of the time in the movie when they brought up or had family therapy sessions Ellen’s family would ignore the main picture of her serious problem and play it off as if it wasn’t as serious. The producers went about creating a whole story line that keeps you hooked and craving to know more, and wanting to see through till the end. The story wasn’t just about her life in the group home, the whole journey was showed. When it comes to movies like this many times the producers of the movie only show “half of the story”/life inside the home. Overall there were not many, if any, things that I didn’t like in this movie.


“I thought some parts were really predictable but most of  it left me  on the edge of my seat. I love the humor they brought into the very serious  movie. I loved the movie though!” Junior Destiny Scheffler said.


I learned a lot from this movie like that if you know someone or see someone that could possibly have a problem that could become severe then you need to help them. Once one person helps someone that suffers or deals with an eating disorder or any other sort of disorder it creates an impact on that person but also shows others that they can make a difference. The domino effect will take place and more people will help others.   


Any group of people would enjoy watching this movie and is informational to any person who is intrigued by health disorders or would like to learn more. Anyone who is sensitive when it comes to health problems or anything along that line should not watch this. The TV-MA rating of this movie allows it to be a overall eye-opening movie.