Storms flood Benton County


The heavy rain caused flash floods all across Northwest Arkansas.

Heavy rain and storms have led to flash flooding all across Northwest Arkansas. All bridges in Benton County have been closed, as well as several roads. Most dirt roads have been washed out.

Benton County Judge Barry Moehring declared a disaster in Benton county due to flooding on Saturday.

The area has been experiencing heavy rainfall for two days, and more is expected. A severe flash flood warning began Friday, April 28th and is scheduled until the morning of Sunday, April 30th. There has reportedly been six inches of rain, and another four inches is expected.

“When I was driving home from work Saturday I had to take a different route than normal because the road I usually take was closed from the flooding. I saw that the Veterans Wall of Honor in Bella Vista was underwater.” Senior Drew Goodman said.

One person has been reported dead in Southern Missouri from being swept away by the flash floods.

Officials are warning citizens to “turn around, don’t drown.”

Do not walk or drive through standing water. Driving down a closed road can cause risk to one’s safety. In the United States, floods kill more people each year than tornadoes, hurricanes or lightning. Most deaths from floods are caused while driving in a vehicle, so avoid driving through water. If you and your car are stuck in a flood, leave your vehicle and get to high grounds as soon as possible.

Rocks and dirt from the soil started to wash up onto roads from the severe flash floods.


Water from the rainfall reached several inches deep, causing debris to accumulate on fences.


All Benton County bridges were closed, while most side roads were closed to prevent people from driving on flooded roadways.