Yearbook and Newspaper Win State Scholastic Press Awards


Mr. Horton won this award last year at ASPA

The Bentonville yearbook and newspaper team attended the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association, or ASPA, on April 20th and 21th in Hot Springs, Ark. It was held at the Hot Springs Convention Center.

The event’s purpose is to promote journalism, improve school publications and acknowledge achievements made by students. The annual event consists of several award ceremonies, onsite contests, a banquet and a dance.

The team was granted several wins, ranging from individual and all-Arkansas awards. The school’s yearbook received an All Arkansas award, which is a great success.


Awards Received:


All Arkansas Winner: Staff

7-A Editor of the Year: Caylea Nell

Best of ASPA: Alex Winn, student life photograph, club photograph.

Superior: Staff, general excellence; James Kinkade, student life layout; Caylea Nell & Emma Rooney, cover design, theme development; Alex Winn, environmental, sports, club, and student life photographs; Caylea Nell, special coverage, advertising layout, student life layout; Emma Rooney, sports layout; Emily Richardson, sports copy; Gabby Matamoros, academic layout.

Excellent: Staff, index layout, people layout; Ryan Jurik, academic photograph, academic copy; Alex Winn, theme photograph.

Honorable Mention: Emily Gean, club layout; Rachael Gierke, clubs copy; Madison Wilson, student life copy.



Best of ASPA: Caylea Nell, newspaper photo essay.

Superior: Alex Winn, newspaper sports photograph; Ryan Jurik, newspaper feature story, newspaper editorial cartoon, newspaper service to school & community; Emily Richardson, newspaper sports news story; Kayla Spear, newspaper column; Caylea Nell, newspaper photo essay.

Excellent: Kayla Spear, newspaper review; Emily Richardson, newspaper personality profile, newspaper sports feature; Ryan Jurik, newspaper feature photograph; Rachael Gierke, newspaper news story; James Kinkade, newspaper informational graphic.

Honorable Mention: Kayla Spear, newspaper editorial, Ryan Jurik, newspaper news photograph; Caylea Nell, newspaper advertisement.

Online Newspaper:

Superior: Staff, online newspaper multimedia package; James Kinkade, online newspaper website design.

Excellent: Staff, online newspaper general excellence; James Kinkade, online newspaper other section design.

Honorable Mention: Staff, online newspaper interactive graphic; Victoria Fredericks, online newspaper blog.


On-Site Contests: James Kinkade, 1st Place On-Site Newspaper Computer Generated Design; Rachael Gierke, 1st Place On-Side Newspaper News Writing; Caylea Nell, 2nd Place On-Site Yearbook Computer Generated Theme Development