What Ever Happened to Edwin Drood?


The cast of the musical “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” ended the night with a bow.

Rebecca Johnson

From opening night to the final showing, the Bentonville High School Theatre department put on the comedic murder mystery musical, The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  This play featured the musical and theatrical abilities of BHS.  The students behind the play championed to make this play as entertaining and humorous as possible.  Each showing  of the play had a different outcome, so the audience never knew what to expect each night. 

An important part of the play that’s not seen, but heard, is the orchestra.  Students from Bentonville’s orchestra showed off their live instrumental talent by playing for the musical.  The sound of instruments is crucial in musicals, and these students pulled it off.

“I played flute, and I really enjoyed the experience of playing in a musical because I want to be a part of other famous musicals in the future.  I got to work with others and enjoy the voices going along with the music.  Hanging out and laughing with the cast was really fun,” Junior Bailey Tadda said.

To make the directors’, Mr. Scheuer and Mr. Peoples, vision of the play come through, the backstage had to help make it happen. The costume, makeup, stage management and tech department used their hands to create the play. 

“It was fun but kind of stressful because you had to find clothes that fit the time period and fit the actors’ size. It was fun to see it come together on stage with the actors,” Junior Beth Hernandez said.

Since Charles Dickens died while writing The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Oscar Wilde had to make a theatrical version that could include almost any ending Dickens had in mind.  The theater department chose how they portrayed this. Throughout the four showings, there were multiple possible outcomes. The audience cast their votes based upon applause. The audience could vote on many things– who fell in love, who became the detective, and finally, who was the murderer?  And the best part of the play is that the ending is chosen by you, the audience.

“The best part of the audience interaction was seeing their reactions to seeing me with a different facade.  Seeing them meeting me as a new person for the first time was really fun,” Junior Aidan Clark said.

The audience got to experience seeing their peers as different people and portray their characters on stage.  The actors got to display their talents through music and acting. All together, the students and teachers behind the play made it one of Bentonville High School’s finest musicals.