Consideration of Solar Energy in Bentonville Public Schools

“As a community, Bentonville has always valued its children. The students and children are the ones who will be facing the problem of climate change in the future, and it is imperative that they try and make a difference as soon as possible.  The shift to renewable solar energy has never been cheaper, with prices of solar panels continuously dropping.  By demonstrating the ability to make an impact on the environment as students, we understand how to establish a sweeping change that others will follow.  This has both economic and environmental long-term benefits for the community and has an ever growing importance to the sustainability of the Earth.  Some statistics on saving received from project a saving of up to 95,480,000 dollars in 16 years for just Bentonville High School. There’s a 30% federal tax rebate until the year 2022 as well for solar power to take advantage of,” Senior Paxton Dodd wrote on

Check out the link, and consider signing the petition to advocate renewable solar energy for Bentonville Public Schools!