Seminar Rules Changed for the Upcoming School Year

Rachael Gierke, Editor

Bentonville High School’s seminar rules have been changed for the upcoming school year.

The committee changed Fast Friday’s to Mondays, as well as several adjustments to the school’s schedule and privileges.

There will be no longer be SSR, honors, traveling passes, specialty advisory groups and open travel. Seminar will be divided into two blocks of 42 minutes with six minutes of travel in-between. Departments will have designated priority intervention blocks, and clubs assigned to one of the four club groups will meet during their assigned club block.

The change is meant to prioritize academics, promote student safety, offer enriching activities and have an incentive weekly program rather than semester long honors privileges. It helps to restrict students from skipping, which is a prevalent problem at the school.

Most students are upset over the new changes, as their privileges and independence have been restricted. Students in clubs, such as yearbook and debate, won’t be given enough time to complete their critical work during seminar. Now, students that have obeyed the seminar rules are being punished by the actions of others.

“If students are going to skip, they’re going to skip. If anything, taking away honors travel and freedom will make kids skip more. Throwing in mass confusion and restrictions for the rest of us is ridiculous and unfair. So many clubs, organizations and specialty classes will be affected by this.” Junior Kayla Spear said.