My Love for Dance


Dance inspires me to be giving. It gives me the motive to work hard not just for myself but for others. My Grandmother’s love for dance inspired me to fall in love with the art, and hopefully I can do the same for others. I was two years old when I took my first ballet class. I was shy, yet too distracted by the awe of ballet’s beauty to let it overcome me. I was a perfectionist, and still am, and wanted everything right. I would study every detail of my teacher, even when I was little. Shoulders back, neck long, stretched thighs, elbows lifted, chin up, ribs in, higher, higher, higher, pointed feet, stomach tight, all in one second.  Sometimes I feel like I haven’t changed. I still find the stress and precision of ballet calming, it is my meditation. Once I enter the studio I am selfish, I focus only on myself and my dedication to improvement. I am silenced by concentration. Ballet seems so effortless, but that’s the point! It takes years of technique to create fluidity on stage. I am forever grateful for dance. I truly believe it is the one of the greatest gifts Christ has given me. I long to perform, and any chance I have to dance, I take it!

Before I started taking all genres of dance, I focused solely on Vaganova ballet. I wanted to be the best dancer I could. I would spend hours on making my hair a perfectly classical bun, studied all of the French terms and I’d stretch all of the time because I wanted it so badly. My teachers were very strict, but it taught me dedication and humility. Dancers are the most self-disciplined people I know. To be judged by a panel of professional dancers in front of an audience takes loads of courage.

Dance can be belittling, even heartbreaking, yet rewarding all at the same time. It’s taught me patience, the importance of putting yourself out there, and most of all, love. I work my butt off, but I crave long days at the studio. It is my happy place! I plan to continue dancing next year and travel to different master classes to further my dance education. I also choreograph, which I hope I can do more of in the future! I know God has an incredible plan for me and dance that I can’t wait to live out.