My Bentonville

Victoria Fredericks, Writer

Bentonville is a town of possibility. It is a town of endless joy, grand adventure, and genuine people. People usually say they were “born and raised” in a town, but we say we were “born and shaped” by this town.
“Living your entire life here makes you feel like you really know the town and it’s people, but with people continuously moving here, we are all able to meet new people everyday and discover other’s different and unique backgrounds,” Junior Julia Sasine said.
Growing up in a town like Bentonville enables you to see the beauty in not only simplicity but complexity. Our small town traditions consist of farmer’s markets and flourishing small businesses, while we also nourish our larger establishments, like Walmart and Crystal Bridges.
“The farmer’s market is a wonderful place to experience new things and meet new people. There are vendors that come from all over Northwest Arkansas to brighten your Saturday morning,” Senior Nadine Schmitt-Horlock.
Being in this town allows all of us to be unified with nature while remaining in touch with today’s modern culture.
“Nature is a curious thing; no matter who you are or where you come from, we all desire to be a part of it,” Junior Simon Mooney said.
The places to explore are seemingly endless. My Bentonville is not just “my Bentonville.” It’s our Bentonville. It might be small in size, but it is big in heart and adventure. Local coffee shops and local music began in the heart of our town.
Diversity and acceptance race throughout all of us in Bentonville regardless of the reason we came here – whether it’s a job for Walmart or one of the best education provider’s in Arkansas – you could find it all here.