Trump Orders for Repeal of the Climate Change Legacy

Emily Richardson

President Barack Obama wanted to be known as the first president to work towards climate change. However, President Donald Trump signed an executive order in March, taking back Obama’s. His order has pushed forward evaluations of the Clean Power Plan, made to slow down carbon emissions and coal property being industrialized on federal land. Yet, many have deemed it “dangerous” and “embarrassing”. Trumps changes of these policies leads jobs to be higher on the scale of importance than climate change.

“It’s really hard to tell. I am indifferent. I think that it could become a problem because pollution and climate change is a problem, but it is just to hard to tell right now,” Junior Emily Boyer said.

Though not many jobs in the coal industry will be brought back due to the natural gas industry, it is still uncertain whether or not President Trump’s order will be effective. Through his plan, Trump is working to make coal mining more accessible by opening the federal grounds again. This could impact the arrangements of the Paris Agreement.

“I believe that Trump has brought many jobs to the United States of America which will help bring down the unemployment rate, but it’s not the jobs the world needs and it may contribute in hurting the earth’s atmosphere in the long run,” Sophomore Noah Ruiz said.

The Paris Agreement was set in 2016 to ensure a turn in environmental awareness for the cause of Climate Change in the world. It is the first time countries have come to a mutual agreement to put efforts toward slowing Global Warming. Originally meant to slow down global warming, the Paris Agreement brought a decrease in the economic and industrial climb.

“I get where he is coming from. We have a lack of jobs and we need more jobs in our country, but it also has a bad effect. It is causing pollution, and changing the climate makes it also a bad thing. Changing what the arrangements already were for the Paris Agreement could also cause conflict, unless it is seen from the other view point. It could really go either way,” Senior Kristen Botes said.

Many climate change activists have argued that health internationally could come to a fall with the changes Trump has made. By increasing the coal industry, carbon is released into the air at a higher rate. Yet, the question of whether or not these changes could really put a wide spread damper on the environment has come up in public discussion.

“I would say that I understand Trump’s perspective on why he wants to appeal it because it would open up many more job opportunities for the men and women who are unemployed,” Junior Matthew Poplin stated.

Many have speculated on the outcome of this executive order and whether or not repealing Barack Obama’s policy to help climate change will help or hurt the global economy in the next few years to come. Trump’s hope to change the clean energy regulations is soon due for a conclusion.