2017’s Yearbook Finished

After long hours of stress, hard work, and sleepless hours, the yearbook staff finally finished the yearbook.

The staff has been working on completing the annual yearbook since the beginning of the school year. It takes time and commitment to finish a yearbook, as most people don’t realize the work the yearbook staff and administrator put into it.

They would spend hours after school to put as much work into it they can, even staying past midnight on a few occasions. Creating a yearbook is not easy. It takes months to complete, and every single detail on pages has to be perfect before being submitted. The staff has to take quality photos for their pages, interview people, create designs and layouts, and write captions. Before publication, names have to be checked, indexes have to be created, pages have to be proofread, and many more time consuming responsibilities.

“Most days I stay after and work on stuff and then towards the end of the final deadline we come in on the weekends. Getting past angry teachers, gathering quotes, checking things four times (arguably a better system than Santa’s), making sure your pictures are good… it’s really defeating sometimes. The hardest part is going to such a big school and including everyone. When the book comes out and you hear people joke about how they’re only in there once it really sucks because they paid good money for it, but it’s so hard to make sure 3800 people are in a book three times.” Junior and yearbook member Kayla Spear said.

To finish the year off, the class will celebrate with several food parties and will be attending a three day trip to Hot Springs for the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association. The yearbook will be released to students and teachers of BHS in April.

Seniors Rachael Gierke, James Kinkade, Caylea Nell, Emily Gean and Haley Widner work on completing the yearbook. The staff was working on the yearbook on a Saturday from 12 AM to 12 PM.