Security in BHS Heightens


BHS administration are keeping guard of campus to catch students skipping. They have the North and South parking lot entrance gates locked, while they stand at the entrance of the school questioning every car that comes and leaves.

“We have caught six people skipping today, while we have to look up other students to see if they’re excuses were true or not,” Blackbeard said.

Most students skip in seminar, especially on Fridays.

Common excuses from people trying to leave are internships that give them permission to leave campus or that their teacher is letting them leave campus. The majority of students just tell the truth and admit that they’re skipping class.

Teachers that let their students leave campus during school get in trouble along with the students.

The consequences of being caught skipping vary because the deans have the authority to change punishments.

Blackbeard stated that they may continue guarding the gates every Friday, but it just depends.

Dean Lisa Baker stopped a student leaving campus for questioning.