Time’s Person of the Year for 2016: Donald Trump

Time's Person of the Year for 2016: Donald Trump

Rachael Gierke, Editor

Donald Trump has been named Time’s person of the Year for 2016, unsurprisingly. Time called him “the president of the divided states of America.” Trump said it is an “honor” to be named person of the year, but he isn’t happy about his controversial title. He has been featured on Time’s magazine several times this year.

“It means a lot, especially me growing up reading Time magazine, and you know, it’s a very important magazine, and I’ve been lucky enough to be on the cover many times this year,” Trump said on NBC.

Trump beat other finalists for the title including Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, Simone Biles, and Mark Zuckerberg. Hillary Clinton won runner-up, becoming No. 2 person of the year.

Time has been choosing the person of the year since the 1920s. People are chosen whether they are good or bad; it just depends on how much they influenced the year. There has been a few controversial people chosen in the past including Adolf Hitler in 1938 and Joseph Stalin in 1939 and 1942. Almost every single United States president has won person of the year, so it is no surprise that Trump received the title. The title was called “Man of the Year” until 1999. There has only been four women who have received the title. In 1975, “American Women” received the title as a group.