Latest and Greatest: Black Friday

Victoria Fredericks

This year’s Black Friday began early on “gray Thursday.” Stores began to open around 4pm on Thursday and continued opening throughout the night. Every year stores start to open earlier and earlier on Thursday. Many students participated in Black Friday this year but all for different reasons.

“I just really wanted to get some good deals on makeup, and Ulta had a lot of cute things that I was able to score on,” Senior Savannah Hood said.

“For Black Friday I just went to a secondhand store and bought a lot of sweaters for only $30.” Junior Julia Sasine said.

Some people don’t get to enjoy the thrill of Black Friday shopping and instead have to work late hours.

“I had to work late this year during Black Friday. It was totally insane at Old Navy, which is where i work, and we were busy all night,” Junior Leah Norton said.

Many students like to participate in the madness of Black Friday, while others enjoy just staying at home and sleeping.

“I didn’t even go shopping this year. Instead I spent time with my family and enjoyed some good Thanksgiving leftovers,” Senior Matt McGuire said.