Earthquake Shakes Oklahoma

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 A building in Cushings, Oklahoma suffered damage from the 5.0 earthquake in November.

A building in Cushing, Oklahoma suffered damage from the 5.0 earthquake in November.

A 5.0 earthquake hit about two miles away from Cushing, Oklahoma on Sunday November 6th according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was felt in several surrounding states including Bentonville.

Many Bentonville citizens felt it, but some people didn’t even notice it was happening.

“I was just watching TV in my room when everything started shaking. My girlfriend was at work and didn’t feel a thing,” Senior Drew Goodman said.

Oklahoma had about 40-50 substantial damaged buildings due to the earthquake, ranging from cracked walls to fallen bricks. This was not the first earthquake to hit the region; several earthquakes have popped up every month for the past few years. In September, another 5.0 magnitude earthquake hit around the area, awakening people in states all around Oklahoma. Most of the earthquakes are being caused by underground injection of wastewater left over from oil and gas production.

People are aware of the chance of more possible earthquakes and keeping a cautious eye out.

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