Donald Trump Wins the Presidency


Donald Trump giving his victory speech to his supporters shortly after the election.

Rachael Gierke, Editor

Donald Trump became the 45th president-elect of the United States Tuesday after a long night of anticipation. He won the majority of the electoral college with 279 votes, while Hillary Clinton ended with 228. Trump secured the major battleground states Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio, which narrowed Clinton’s chance of winning.

The Student Mock Election at BHS held reflected the election. Out of 370+ votes, Donald Trump led with 46% of the votes of all student grades, while Clinton followed behind with 33%. Gary Johnson ended with 13% and Jill Stein had 8%.The faculty had a close call with Trump at 46% and Clinton at 44%.

The businessman and former reality TV star now has to unify the politically split country. The two major political parties are more divided then they have ever been in the past recent years. Even the Republican party has had a difficult time supporting Trump in this election. People are frustrated with Trump over his past comments covering race and gender and are curious as to how he is going to pull America together.

Trump gave a speech shortly after his victory and was civil towards Clinton.

“We owe (Clinton) a very major debt of gratitude to her for her service to our country,” Trump said. “I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.”

Clinton gave her public concession speech the Wednesday after the election, thanking her supporters for the campaign and giving her respect to Trump. President Obama ensured he will create a peaceful and smooth transition for Trump and called that Americans need to continue moving forward.

Now Trump awaits being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States in late January.

“Even amidst factious dissension, America and its people will forge on. Whether or not they will walk or be dragged is up to the individual.” Senior Lorenzo Rocchi said.