Golfing Star on the Rise

Emily Richardson

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Even after placing 2nd on the first day of competition, winning the Girls 7A State Golfing Championship was never thought of by Kate Robertson. On October 6, 2016, Kate Robertson, a Senior at Bentonville High School, won first place at the state championship with a 75-72 score. For Robertson, this was a great achievement. Most pro-golfers keep an average of 72 or under par. Under par is anything below a score of 72.

“I didn’t think I was going to win, but when I got to the last hole I started to get nervous. I wasn’t trying to win,” Senior Kate Robertson said.

On the first day, Robertson tied with another competitor for second with a score of 75. The next day she was put into finals with the competitor she tied, Hannah Bakalekos from North Little Rock, and the 1st place title holder, Casey Ott from Rogers High School. At the last hole she was 3 points up, and by the end she had won by two points. Robertson knew the competition was a “team thing” and she did not have any goal for winning.

“I was just happy to be up there with her, and I felt good about how I played. Casey played really well, and I wasn’t thinking about trying to win,” Robertson said.

At the end of the last day, Robertson knew she was close and was trying not to get nervous under pressure. On the last hole she hit a bogey and, without knowing yet, won the championship. It was not until a while after, when they counted the scores, that she knew she had won. Her coach, Lindsey Davis, and the rest of her team were both thrilled and proud of Robertson’s performance.

“She won the individual state with the lowest score. Our team was runner-up – six strokes behind Conway.  She has an average score of 35.9 for 9 holes and an average of 75.6 for 18 holes this year and that is totally awesome. Both Kate Robertson and Maddie Weston were named All Conference and All State,” Coach Lindsey Davis said.

Her win at state, took her to overalls that next Thursday where she competed with the top three from 7A state and others. Robertson felt she did very good throughout the golfing season with her team. As a whole, they only lost two matches out of fifteen.

Personally, Robertson kept an even par average of 35.9 at 9-hole matches and 75.6 at 18-hole matches. She is looking forward to attending Newman University, in Wichita Kansas, next fall.








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Golfing Star on the Rise